Monday, June 29, 2015

 Celebration Run
Our Partner Race, Celebration Run! Save $10 with code "MOVIN" at Checkout

We are happy to announce our first PARTNER EVENT for the all new GetMovin Training program! We will be working with the Celebration Run, a second year 1/2 Marathon that will be held at Mission Bay on November 1st!

We have a specific training program that will start up this Saturday, July 4th! 

Features of the program include our GetMovin Training Plan (for the 18 week training program), clinics, seminars, and 3 weekly training runs!

  1. Monday Group Runs at both Movin Shoes locations! We run at 6pm from both our San Diego store and our North County store!
  2. Midweek Interval Sessions, which will be at 6pm! They will be Tuesdays in San Diego, meeting at the Runner's Bathroom at Mission Bay and Thursdays in North County, meeting at Movin Shoes and running to and around the Encinitas Community Park.
  3. Weekend Long Runs, starting at 7am at either of our locations!
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